About The Lovely Vine

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Meet Christie. A Tar Heel grad, now living in Northern Virginia with my husband, Mike, and our one-year-old son, Logan. We’re excited to share our passion for home, health and family with you.

Married to Mike – a Merchant Marine, an engineer for the Navy, and our in-house handyman. The story of how we met cannot be told without my love for brownies. What began as a coffee date, turned into a five-hour, romantic first date and the first of many adventures around D.C. Mike is the “tie microphone” king, and his dance moves have swept me away over and over. I love that he has a “dance face” that only comes out when he’s really into the music, and how he constantly makes everyone around him smile and laugh.

In September 2016, our sweet family grew as we welcome our little Logan into the world. He is perceptive, can beat anyone in a staring contest, and has a smile and giggle to melt the heart of his momma every day. Becoming parents has been an incredible journey and being called “momma” is the sweetest role in the world.

The idea of The Lovely Vine has been a lingering idea for quite some time and I’m excited to see it come to be and share it with you all.

I’ve dreamt of starting this blog for a while now, but the idea of jumping all in, being vulnerable and known, seemed a bit scary. I knew I wanted a name for the blog that would be personally meaningful, and one day it just came to me on the front of a birthday card..

Ever since I can remember, any card from my dad – birthday card, graduation card, wedding card, baby card – and you can be sure it would have his trademark, crawling vine decorating the envelope around your name. It was easy to pick dad’s card out of stack and seeing that vine spread across the envelope always gave me the comfort in knowing I am loved and cared for, and under that envelope fold would be lengthy words of encouragement, verses to refresh my mind, and sweet memories. I hope that’s what you find here – encouragement and refreshing ideas to build sweet memories.

Vines are beautiful. Picture the dark green ivy trained to grow along the facade of an old, historic home.

Vines = grapes. True story, as a child (okay.. still to this day!) I loved grapes so much I would take about a minute to eat each one. My mom found the perfect shirt for me that said, “Grapes are a bunch of fun I like to eat them one by one”. I wore that shirt about once a week in Kindergarten. I still have the shirt!

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5. I long to bear much fruit, don’t you? These words are the sole foundation for our family, and we hope you grow in love for them as well.