How does summer always seem to fly by so quickly? Our summer has been filled with laughs, trips to the park, homemade popsicles, and lots of splashing in the pool. Monday marked my first week back at work after maternity leave, so life’s been a bit crazier trying to settle into a new schedule and also figuring out how to get three people ready in the morning. This week’s top picks list is filled with items we enjoy that help make our weeks a bit more manageable. Cheers to you all and these last summer days!

A. Sound Machine

With four people in our home, two of those under the age of two, we treasure our sleep when we can get it. These white noise machines get as loud as a freight train but by golly they sure help us all to sleep like babies.

B. Astrid Round Rug

Now that Logan’s sleeping in his big boy bed, it’s time to refresh the nursery for our sweet baby girl. I adore this rug as it not only brings a sweet, girly vibe but also helps me imagine the countless hours we’ll spend reading and giggling while lying on the floor.

C. Diaper Bag

Okay, nowadays my diaper bag has become my all purpose bag that stores everything I need on a daily basis. We’ve found these to be sturdy enough to withstand every day use and the not so gentle tosses into the back seat.

D. Popsicle Molds

Hardly a summer day goes by when we aren’t craving popsicles! We love to make our own, often making a large batch of smoothies and freezing what we don’t eat in popsicle molds.

E. Kids’ Crocs

We love these shoes. Logan wears these ALL THE TIME – to the park, to the beach, to the splash park, to the store. He can even put them on himself, which is a huge bonus these days.

F. Emily Ley – Planner

Emily Ley makes organization easy and beautiful! I’m finding I am the best mom/wife/friend/me when I stay organized in my days and my weeks and can be fully devote to whomever I am with in that time. I struggle majorly when I run behind or forget tasks that need to be done. Planners like this one help me stay motivated and functional. This one runs with the academic year, so yay for a big jumpstart on planning the fall/winter and also spring 2019!